The ten engineering students were the first ever Irish team to enter Shell’s world renowned Eco-marathon race which was held in Rotterdam this summer.

Having successfully passing its safety and mechanical checks, the Geec was pitched against fifty other teams in the prototype electric category race around the 1.6 km long track. Success was measured on which car could drive the furthest on the equivalent of 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity or 1 litre of fuel.

Racing took place over two days with the Geec recording 287km/kWh. This impressive achievement means that the car could drive from Dublin to Galway using a mere 13 cents worth of electricity.

“As the first ever Irish entry in this global competition, all credit must go to the students on their superb performance” said Ronan Deasy, Managing Director of Shell Ireland. “The team were exceptionally creative in their design of the ‘Geec’ and they certainly pushed their car to its limits.   They were outstanding ambassadors for NUI Galway and for Ireland as they progressed through the competition” said Ronan.

The Eco-marathon race, which was 30 years old this year, is recognised as one of the most challenging competitions for engineering students in the world.

NUI Galway students hope to build on their experiences from Rotterdam and are already preparing for the 2016 race, which is scheduled to be held at the Olympic Park in London.

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