Construction of the Corrib gas terminal at Bellanaboy has continued apace in recent months and the site is now more than 95% complete. It is expected that the remaining construction works will be carried out by September, after which the various operational systems will be tested.

During the peak of construction activity in 2009, up to 1,200 people were employed on the site. This has been reducing gradually in recent months and there are currently approximately 650 people working there, as there were when this group photograph was taken last month.

Shell E&P Ireland Limited’s Managing Director, Terry Nolan, was among those present for the site team photo, during which he addressed staff and thanked them for their hard work and commitment to excellence. He also reiterated the message that safety remains the primary focus on site and commended staff and contractors on reaching the milestone of one million hours worked, without a lost time incident (LTI), for the third time.

The site had chalked up a total of 1.39 million man hours without an LTI when the record fell on June 24. By that point the workers had done 315 days without a lost time incident. Under terminal project manager, Brendan Butler, safety has been the key driving force on the site – ahead of cost and schedule – with all contractors and workers buying into the concept of a goal zero policy.

Said Mr Butler: “Construction sites, by their very nature, can be dangerous. However, by implementing a rigorous safety plan, by setting goal zero targets and by insisting on contractor and worker buy-in, sites can be made much less hazardous.”

Now, with construction almost complete the site will turn its focus to the operational qualification phase, during which gas from the Bord Gáis Éireann network will be used to test the systems on site.