Four of Shell’s global Life-Saving Rules are associated with driving and the visit of RSA’s “Road Safety Interactive Shuttle” reinforced these rules for staff and contractors. The visit included demonstrations highlighting the absolute imperative of wearing seat belts, the requirement to maintain appropriate speeds and information promoting road safety.

An element of the roadshow that attracted considerable attention was the roll-over simulator, which is a very effective method of proving the benefits of wearing seat belts.

The simulator is a car fitted to a hydraulic platform which can simulate a 360 degree roll-over, leaving “passengers” with a very vivid realisation of what occurs when a vehicle overturns, and the value of the seat belt in such an eventuality.

Shell Community Liaison Officer, Mary Carolan took part in the demonstration. “It was a frightening experience but clearly demonstrated the strength and value of the seat belt in a roll-over situation,” she said.

The shuttle includes a fully interactive, educational road safety experience for all age groups, a fully equipped presentation area, with lectern, projector, screen and seating for an audience of 25 people, a driving simulator enclosed in a specially designed pod, a motorbike simulator, two bicycle simulators, reaction timers, computers equipped with the Driver Theory Test, interactive games, exhibition areas to promote road safety, and plasma screens showing a series of road safety advertisements and road safety programming for all ages.