The Statement of Fitness (SoF) will be signed off by Jaap Klein Nagelvoort, Productions Services Manager for UIE and Gerry Campbell, Corrib Project Director.

The electronic SoF Information Management System was recognised as best in class by Simon Fisher, the UIE Operations Readiness Lead, who was also at Bellanaboy for the handover. “Getting to this situation, where we know that everything required for introducing hydrocarbons is now in place at Bellanaboy, has required a lot of hard work not only by the Project Team but also by many staff in UIE and P&T. This is a major achievement for the whole team,” Simon Fisher said.

Work is now under way to place the terminal in a state of preservation to await the construction of the onshore pipeline and the delivery of gas from the Corrib Field. Construction of the 8.3km onshore pipeline will commence later this year.