Innovation and Excellence – Shell’s Corrib Gas Project

For over four years it was Ireland’s largest construction project, which included building the country’s longest tunnel.  Brian Foley from the Construction Industry Federation Magazine reports from Mayo on the long haul that has been the Corrib Gas Project.

Council Review

Environmental management and reinstatement of a Mayo stream

Eolas Magazine

August 2013

Eolas interviews Michael Crothers on Irelands Energy Potential

Economic Benefits of the Corrib Gas Project

February 2012

Goodbody Economic Consultants

The Ecology Foundation - Energy Security - Ireland on the edge

Ireland’s recent period of prosperity led to the country’s energy demand and usage surging upwards. Now the boom has evaporated, but the voracious appetite for energy that it spawned remains. These energy demands are being met but, with an extreme reliance on imported fossil fuels, the question is: for how long? And at what cost, both financially and environmentally?

ARUP Consulting Engineers Report & Presentation - Corrib Terminal

April 2009

Review of Glinsk as a possible Landfall and Terminal Location.

The Irish Offshore Operators' Association - Securing our Energy Future - Irish Gas For A Better Tomorrow

December 2008

The Irish Offshore Operators' Association has launched a booklet entitled "Securing our Energy Future - Irish Gas for a better tomorrow" which calls for further exploration for oil and gas off the Irish coast and the development of reliable sources of indigenous energy to ensure the country's energy supply.

Engineers Ireland Review Of Advantica Independent Safety Review

October 2006

Engineers Ireland Expert Group Review of the Advantica Report "Independent Safety Review of the Onshore Section of the Proposed Corrib Gas Pipeline".

Mediator's Report & Recommendations

July 2006

Mr Peter Cassells’ report outlining a possible way forward on the Corrib Gas Project.

Independent Pipeline Safety Review Report

January 2006

Advantica's safety review of the onshore pipeline.