The highlight of one year without any incident was arrived at today (Friday) – the first time such a landmark has been reached on the project.

These achievements are across the whole project, including one million man hours without an incident at the Bellanaboy terminal and a further one million on the rest of the project.

While this is the fourth time the terminal has reached the one million man hours mark, the achievement is particularly noteworthy on this occasion, as construction work has been winding down in recent months.

Claudia van den Berg, Shell E&P Ireland Limited’s HSE Manager, expressed her delight at the success.

“I’d like to commend staff and contractors for their efforts in reaching and exceeding the milestones achieved in the past. It’s not unusual at this stage of construction for workers to become complacent; however, we never lost sight of our ‘goal zero’ safety target,” she said.

“We are moving towards a major new phase of work so we will be renewing our focus on safety for that.”