In a revised Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) submitted under the Strategic Infrastructure Act, SEPIL is seeking planning permission to build a tunnel under Sruwaddacon Bay, to carry the onshore pipeline from the landfall at Glengad towards the Bellanaboy Gas Processing Terminal.

By building the pipeline under Sruwaddacon Bay the nearest occupied house is now 234 metres away from the pipeline, more than three times the original distance.

Speaking today Mr Terry Nolan, SEPIL Managing Director, said: “An Bord Pleanála asked us to alter the pipeline route and to bring it through Sruwaddacon Bay.  We believe a tunnel under Sruwaddacon Bay will have the least environmental impact on the bay, which is a Special Area of Conservation.  The normal operating pressure in the onshore pipeline will be 85bar – which is similar to the pressure in BGÉ transmission lines throughout the country.”

“The proposed Corrib onshore pipeline meets or exceeds all relevant international and Irish pipeline codes and standards. It also meets the safety criteria established by An Bord Pleanála,” he said.

“The revised EIS demonstrates in a clear and transparent way that the Corrib pipeline is safe and does not pose an unacceptable risk to the public. The Corrib Gas Partner’s are fully committed to completing this strategically important infrastructural project as quickly as possible – to the benefit of all stakeholders,” Mr Nolan concluded.