The theme for this year’s ‘Safety Day’, an event which was marked on every Shell facility worldwide on June 4th, was ‘Re-energising the Life Saving Rules (LSR)’. It is a mandatory requirement for everyone working on the Corrib project to adhere to ‘Shell’s 12 Life Saving Rules’ so that everyone can return home safety at the end of each day.

Shell E&P Ireland’s Managing Director Michael Crothers said: “Safety is vitally important to all of us who work on the Corrib Gas Project, and to our families. That is why we are continually striving to improve our safety culture and performance. I wish to thank all staff, contractors and external agencies who assisted in making this year’s Safety Day such a success.”

There was a real buzz and energy about the LSR marketplace which impressed Shell’s Project and Technology Executive Director, Matthias Bichsel, who was visiting the Corrib Project for ‘Safety Day’.

“Safety Day provides an opportunity for everybody in Shell, be they on a construction site, in a plant or in an office to take time out to reflect on what safety really means and to ensure that we all return to work refreshed and re-energised”, said Matthias. “Being safe is not just important for us individually but it’s also essential in looking out for our co-workers and colleagues.”

Commenting on Corrib’s pop up Life Saving Rules marketplace, Matthias Bichsel said: The idea of having a marketplace is excellent as it allows everyone to come together not just to look at the booths and to learn something new but also to discuss and to truly internalize what safety means. When you can touch and try real equipment, and witness demonstrations – it helps to underline the importance of the Life Saving Rulers for all of us,” said Matthias.

“Safety is at the heart of everything we do so the energy and passion that I have witnessed on Corrib today combined with the focus on safety throughout the Shell Group, gives me the confidence that, together, we can achieve Goal Zero,” Matthias concluded.