Waste Awareness Week’ prize draw
Michael Crothers, Managing Director of Shell E&P Ireland Limited drawing the winners at the ‘Waste Awareness Week’ prize draw. Joining Michael are Declan McGrath, (McGrath Waste), Claire Gallagher (Roadbridge Ltd), Aidan McGrath (Intern with Shell E&P Ireland Limited), Catriona King (Shell E&P Ireland Limited) and Noel Kelly (Roadbridge Ltd).

Over 500 employees attended waste management awareness training workshops with demonstrations being given by the Shell Environmental advisors and McGrath Waste, the waste contractor on site.  The focus of the week was to increase awareness on the correct ways of disposing of the different waste streams generated on the project. Employees were challenged to take personal responsibility for their waste with activities planned around the theme of “It’s in your hands”.

As part of the week’s activities, a prize draw took place with employees completing questionnaires on how waste management issues could be improved on the Corrib project.

Speaking at the end of the week, Catriona King, Environmental Advisor with Shell, said:  “By organising a ‘Waste Awareness Week’ we wanted to place a focus on the importance of managing waste and to encourage everyone on the Corrib project to give greater consideration to recycling.  There was a great response from employees working across the project and I want to thank everyone, including all contractors, for supporting the activities during the week.

“Shell takes its responsibility in protecting the environment seriously.  With nearly 1,200 employees now working on Corrib, the project is equal in population to the size of a small town, such as Crossmolina.  That is why we have set recycling targets and are always looking at ways in which we can improve our management of waste,” said Catriona.

Declan McGrath, Director at McGrath Waste, who co-hosted the workshops, added:  “We really enjoyed participating in ‘Waste Awareness Week’ and seeing at first hand the various measures that are in place across the Corrib project to encourage employees to dispose of waste properly. 

“It was really positive to see the interest that was shown by employees and to hear their views on further improving waste management on the project.  We hope that, going forward, employees will be more aware as to their responsibility in disposing of waste at work and at home.”