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Shell E&P Ireland Limited (SEPIL) currently has interests in three exploration licences off the coast of Ireland. Two of these licences are Shell-operated exploration licences and Statoil operators one.

Two of the exploration licences (Licences 3/94 & 5/94) are located in the Slyne Basin.  The remaining licence is located in the Rockall Basin (Licence 2/94), approximately 150km off the coast of Donegal.  A further licence, Licence 2/05, also in the Rockall Basin, was relinguished in 2010.

The company’s main work focus during 2010 relating to these licences, involved drilling the 18/20-7 exploration well in the Slyne Basin (Licence 3/94). Unfortunately, this exploration drilling programme proved unsuccessful and the well was plugged and abandoned.

The Irish Offshore Operators' Association

The Irish Offshore Operators' Association has launched a booklet entitled "Securing our Energy Future - Irish Gas for a better tomorrow" which calls for further exploration for oil and gas off the Irish coast and the development of reliable sources of indigenous energy to ensure the country's energy supply.

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