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News and Media Releases

SEPIL unequivocally rejects OSSL allegations

"Shell E&P Ireland Limited (SEPIL) unequivocally rejects OSSL's allegations regarding delivery at any time of alcohol to An Garda Síochána. SEPIL also therefore rejects the claim that OSSL were paid for delivering alcohol to the Garda. Such actions would constitute a serious breach of the Shell Group's long established business principles and code of conduct to which SEPIL fully commits in the conduct of its operations The claims by OSSL about delivery of alcohol to the Garda in general were first raised in 2011. The claims by OSSL that they had received payment for alcohol allegedly delivered to the Garda in 2005 and 2006, first emerged in late 2012. No evidence has ever been put forward by OSSL or any other party to support these claims."

 "SEPIL has a proactive community relations programme focused in Erris.  This is normal and appropriate for projects executed by the Shell Group. For example, for a number of years, as a gesture of goodwill towards residents living closest to our construction sites in Erris, as well as to local businesses and suppliers, SEPIL distributed modestly priced hampers at Christmas time.  The provision of hampers is a goodwill gesture which is commonly practiced by businesses all over Ireland.  No support for the Corrib project was ever requested.  In 2010, we decided to discontinue the practice of providing Christmas hampers, in favour of making a donation to local charities."

Shell's Business Principles

"The Shell Group has a long established set of Business Principles and a supporting Code of Conduct which are fundamental to the way we conduct our business and which drive the behaviour expected of every employee.  SEPIL conducts all of its business in accordance with these Principles. The Shell Group also has a well established procedure for investigating allegations of breach of the Business Principles and this was fully deployed in response to the OSSL allegations when they were first made in 2011."

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