Internships 2017

Internships 2017

We are looking for third level students studying in the areas of Finance, Business, Environment and Engineering to join our Internship programme.



The Corrib Gas partners provide two scholarship programmes for students in Erris, Co. Mayo.

Corrib Gas Project

Corrib Gas Project

Learn about the delivery of Corrib Natural Gas to the Irish market, its importance in securing Ireland's energy supply

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The safety and security of our employees, our contractors and the communities in which we operate is the number one priority


Minimising environmental impact is central to the entire Corrib project

Natural gas

We are helping to power lives around the world with natural gas, the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon.

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Corrib gas development

Bringing Corrib gas, a valuable natural resource, to the Irish market poses an exciting engineering challenge.


We aim to be a good neighbour wherever we work, by contributing to the well-being of nearby communities.